Sunday, 5 December 2010

No. People don't belong to people.

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Paul Varjak: Holly, I'm in love with you.
Holly Golightly: So what?
Paul Varjak: So what? So plenty! I love you. You belong to me.
Holly Golightly: No. People don't belong to people.
Paul Varjak: Of course they do.
Holly Golightly: I'm not going to let anyone put me in a cage. 

Haven't posted in a fairly long time considering the constant blogging last week. Been busy at work and verrry verrrrrry stressed. I think I'm getting back on track now though. I watched Breakfast At Tiffany's this morning as you can probably imagine. I love that film soooo MUCH. It makes me want a life like Holly Golightly's, she amazes me.

Had a very long day today doing not very much. I didn't go and see Harry Potter on Wednesday but today is my year anniversary with my boyfriend so I'm cooking a lovely tea of paella and then I think we are going to watch it :) quite exciting.

WHERE has the snow gone? It rained on Friday night and now I feel very sad with no snow. I wasn't even sick of it yet! Wasn't too slippy to drive on or anything! Please come back soon. THANKS 


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  1. ADORE. that crop top in the first photo! i want one so badly!

  2. nice outfits!! and lovely blog :)


  3. love your style! following xo