Tuesday, 30 November 2010


Back to work for me today after my exceptionally long weekend so crazy manic blogging should slowly die down. Actually terrified to drive to work today in the icy ice. Only working 6 hours today but I really don't want to go in. I hope its quiet. Hopefully I may find out about getting my time off as well for my early spring/late winter makeshift holiday PLEASE let me have three weeks off. Please. 

Possibly won't blog again now until Thursday, unless it's just pictures,  as I am having a lovely day out with the BF tomorrow and he's finally taking me to see Harry Potter. You cannot measure my excitement. I really hope I don't have another freak out and ruin a nice day. 

See below for beautiful documentation of finished non-disaster authentic macarons :) 

Serious anticipation!

My actually finished product. ^^ I ACTUALLY made those !!


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  1. HOW did you make those? Do you have a recipe? Tips and tricks? Write me: miaheylila@gmail.com